The company VSP Metall performs any kinds of work related to metalworking and manufacturing of various materials used in industry, construction and other areas. Our services also include custom metal sheet metalworking, machining of alloys, non-ferrous metals and steel of various types, including CNC machines.

We apply various technologies of metal machining and perform a number of specific works, which are allowed only by experienced specialists with experience of 10 years. It:

– Milling works;
– Turning works;
– Cylindrical grinding;
– Surface grinding;
– Locksmith work;
– Slotting work;
– Metal processing;
– Hobbing work.

Manufacture of metal products on the basis of an individual approach to the client

The metal processing services that we provide assume the possibility of working on individual customer drawings, as well as simplifying the dies to reduce the cost of products. In addition, we are ready to calculate any project on average within 1-2 working days. Specialists of our company work with any kind of materials and create products of varying complexity. Discounts in case of bulk orders, as well as the possibility of delivering our products in any city of Ukraine will make cooperation with us even more enjoyable.

Metal-working services in accordance with GOSTs and drawings

One of the key advantages of VSP Metall is the fulfillment of orders in accordance with GOSTs, as well as individual customer drawings. We provide quality metalworking services. However, regardless of the project, taken as a basis, the quality of each product meets the highest standards. The technologies we apply are aimed at reducing production costs and, as a consequence, reducing the cost of production.

We do not stop there, constantly increasing our production capacity, improving the quality and expanding the range of manufactured products. The company pays special attention to management and logistics, providing even more convenient and profitable cooperation with our customers.

Practicing a highly individual approach to each customer, we achieve not only good reviews, but also constant professional growth of our employees. At the same time, the quality of our products often exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Metalworking of parts

If you need metal working in Dnepropetrovsk, we are looking forward to seeing you in our office. To receive preliminary consultation or to make an order you also can, having contacted us by phone +38 (056) 789-06-99 or e-mail.

Any information on standard projects can be found on our website, read more about the list of GOSTs, as well as with the features of other related services, among which: Turning works, Milling works, Gear Hobbing, Stamping