VPS Metall offers experience in the design and manufacture of stamps for sheet metal stamping, bending and forming, as well as punching for labels, calendars, calendars, etc.

When designing stamps of any complexity and purpose, we propose a variant that will optimally reduce the consumption of material – and, therefore, will reduce the material costs of the client.

If you use the customer’s drawing, we offer assistance in completing and improving it. This makes it possible to simplify and reduce the cost of manufacturing, shorten the term of execution and the cost of the order.

VPS Metall will take into account all your needs:

  • Operational miscalculation of the order (on average – 2 working days).
  • Help in simplifying and improving drawings.
  • Design work, including for complex tasks.
  • Works of any complexity.
  • High accuracy (up to 0.02 mm).
  • Prices are below market prices.
  • Delivery anywhere in the country.

More about metal processing for stamps

In metalworking, stamps can be shaped, formed, embossed and molded and combined. The companies of VSP Metall, using the accumulated experience, are engaged in the production and design of cold stamping, intended for bending, forming and stamping sheet metal.

Enterprises of VSP Metall in Dnepropetrovsk are engaged in designing drawings of stamps of any purpose and complexity. Employees of the design bureau of the company will offer you the most optimal option for making stamps intended for cold stamping, which will not only allow you to fulfill the order quickly, but also reduce the cost of metal, thereby reducing the cost, and hence the final price of the product. The client’s proposed drawing will be finalized, but only with your consent. Such optimization of technical documentation will reduce the cost of manufacturing stamps.

Our company performs the production of stamps, both in batch production, and details to order , making calculations within 2 working days. Employees of the design office help to optimize and create drawings, regardless of the purpose of the product and its complexity. Thanks to CNC equipment, we achieve high precision products, while prices for our services are below market. Low prices are achieved by optimizing the drawings, which are engaged by qualified designers of our company, and the use of tolling schemes for the supply of raw materials.

Reception of orders and answers to the questions of interest by tel. +38(056) 789-06-99

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