The company VPS Metall offers all kinds of turning parts, including lathe work on CNC machines. Numerical control of machines allows us to automate the work, and our customers – to get high-precision products in a short time.

We carry out turning work on drawings and customer samples, from various grades of steel and other metals and alloys. We carry out processing:

  • details of spherical, cylindrical, conical shape;
  • tapered threads;
  • production of shafts with dimensions up to 1 m;
  • parts of complex configuration – any turning work, CNC allows you to produce products of any shape.

Turning to VPS Metall, you can count on:

  • Quick calculation of the order – on average, 2 working days (depending on the volume);
  • High accuracy of processing and use of any materials;
  • Affordable prices (CNC machines allow us to reduce the amount of work, and hence – to reduce the cost of services);
  • Discounts when ordering a batch production;
  • Delivery throughout Ukraine;

Machining on lathes

Blanks can be produced by hot forging, and then subjected to turning to give the final shape.

The lion’s share of all hardware is made by the method of machining blanks. Blanks can be produced by hot forging, and then subjected to turning to give the final shape. Therefore, such a service, as metal turning, carried out by VSP Metall, is the main one. The mechanical process of turning the blanks, cutting tools, gives the shapeless piece of metal a certain and precise form, corresponding to GOSTs.

For turning metal in Dnepropetrovsk and Krivoy Rog, lathes are usually used that are capable of performing automatic operations. When working on a lathe, the surfaces of workpieces that have a cylindrical, conical, spherical, and other shapes differing in the number and complexity of the broken lines are changed. On such equipment it is possible to process both external and internal surfaces, to cut threads, grooves and spherical surfaces.

We perform turning operations, manufacturing custom parts, up to 1000 mm in size, and also having a complex configuration due to the presence of CNC turning lathes at VSP Metall.

Quickly and accurately within the shortest possible time, we will develop and arrange the necessary documentation. Modern equipment with numerical control allows us to perform work with high accuracy. The prices of our company will pleasantly surprise you, as we work on tolling schemes and always optimize technical documentation, choosing the variant of works that will require less expenses. When making serial orders, we are doing good discounts, as well as our regular customers.

Phone for information and order +38(056) 789-06-99

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