VPS Metall offers the manufacture of gears of different types from various materials. Availability of necessary equipment and experience of employees allow us to perform work of any complexity. The parts will precisely correspond to the declared design loads and functional purpose.

Here you can order:

  • straight-toothed gears, m = 0.3 ÷ 8 mm, from 8 to 700;
  • helical gears;
  • worm wheels and worms;
  • sprockets for chain drives;
  • splined shafts.

Our clients appreciate us for:

  • efficiency in the calculation of orders (on average, 2 working days);
  • prices below the market average and help in improving the drawings to reduce the cost of work;
  • help in the development of drawings that reduce the consumption of material and the cost of work;
  • high accuracy and workmanship;
  • execution of orders of any complexity;
  • work with any necessary materials;
  • work with any necessary materials;
  • work with any necessary materials;

More information about the technology of gear hobbing

The processes of machining parts include work on the manufacture of gears and various gear components. They are made with the help of milling machines, making the cutting of the tooth with a special milling cutter having a certain shape. This achieves the desired profile and tooth size. Thus, gear-milling works have a rather narrow specialization, which allows producing helical, straight-toothed cylindrical gears, chevron gears. For today in Dnepropetrovsk cutting of teeth by a milling cutter is the most widespread, though labor-consuming method. This is due to the fact that gear milling for metal can provide not only high quality, but also the maximum accuracy of manufacturing different kinds of gears and gears. In our company, you can order custom-made parts , production of spur gears, helical gears, worm wheels and worms, as well as sprockets used in chain drives, splined shafts. VSP Metall produces these and many other details, performing hobbing, both in series production and on order. Terms of implementation, even with the development of drawings by the design department do not exceed 5 working days. The prices for which we offer our services are lower than market ones due to excellent logistical arrangements, the use of tolling schemes for supplying raw materials and finalizing the customer’s drawings. Our enterprises are able to fulfill orders for the manufacture of parts of any complexity. You will receive the details on time in any corner of Ukraine and discounts when you make a serial order.

By phone +38 (056) 789-06-99 you can order the manufacture of gears, as well as ask any clarifying questions, find out the approximate cost and production time.

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